Map of Bali

It’s a good size country and the roads are not so great. So driving takes longer than you might think. We are getting married on the Bukit Peninsula which is the bit at the bottom below Jimberan on the main map of Bali. Jimberan is also where the International airport is located.

The wedding venue is very close to Padang Padang Beach on the detailed maps below. Depending on traffic it takes between 40 – 60mins to drive from the airport to Padang Padang. A drive from Padang Padang┬áto Ubud usually takes around 2 hours, again depending on traffic. Balian is on the west coast around half way between Tanah Lot and Mendoyo around a 2-3hour drive from Padang Padang.

If you are looking for a place to stay in the area for the wedding, then the area between Bingin beach and Uluwatu is a safe bet. If you stay within those places, you won’t be much more than a 15 minute drive from the venue. Hope that helps.

The Bukit Peninsula – The lump at the bottom

The Wedding Area – South West Bukit Peninsula